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Artistic statement

Trinidad born, I grew up in an afro-indu society that fostered the sharing and memorializing of religious and historical traditions, unity and freedom to individuality. Through the exploration of art and its presentation, I desire to encourage the discovery of each other’s cultures, heritage and traditions.


My creative process as an artist begins with touch as I am a tactile individual. There is a literal need to mold my ideas into being. The honest, imperfect response to the work in that first attempt of creating a physical replication of the imagination allows for experimenting with roughly created textures and exploration of new techniques.


There's a cycle in which theatre observes life, transforms into art, then inspires life. I enjoy the exploration of tradition and rituals in storytelling throughout cultures and its appeal to the senses; the importance of sound, touch, and visual (color, shape and movement). My interest in experimenting with textures, fabric/ material manipulation and three dimensional art fuels my love for Costume and Puppet design. Because of my origin in Carnival Arts, I possess a deep interest in color theory, movement and space. The most rewarding part of design is the culmination of the mixing pot of ideas developed through collaboration. When approaching a production, I am aware of my history, experiences, knowledge and point of view, and I am open to the influence of the team. It is fluid and there’s always something new to discover within every piece.


A design is never finished. Being able to critically look at my own work is important to my process. Flexibility and adaptability are necessary for the development of ideas. There is an immense responsibility that we, as artists, carry; to bring truth to the stories we are collaborating on, with the understanding that our work is ever changing.

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